Male STD Symptoms

10 Common STD Symptoms in Men

STD symptoms in men are easier to identify because the male penis is exposed and this makes detection easier.  Most symptoms will be visible on the penis or around the rectum.  Signs and symptoms can also appear in the areas of the anus and scrotum.  Symptoms can be very clear and apparent but it is important to get the correct diagnosis in order to receive the right treatment.  Getting treatment early is important to stopping any long term health issues.

The most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) for men are:

The most commons sexually transmitted disease (STD) signs and symptoms are:

  • burning during urination
  • itchiness on the genitals
  • swelling and pain in the groin
  • discharge from the penis
  • bumps or redness around the penis
  • blisters on or around the penis
  • chronic fatigue
  • warts on the penis or testicles
  • swollen testicles

If you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms it is important to get the correct diagnosis.  Please consult a professional that can help determine the correct test for your sexual health testing. The only way to know you have a STD is to get testing done.

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